Number 6

One more thing I wish I could do better.

Midge stuff.

Memphis Monday - Best breakfast in town.

Cloopers and fly buoyancy revisited.

Fly Tyer Magazine gets Mean, Old and Dirty

Cincinnati - who knew?

Thinking about Fishing and Thinking

The Hack Variant

Aficionado Culture.


Those Orvis fellers are ok by me.

Reformed clinch knotter.

Memphis Monday - Sidetracked Edition

For your reading pleasure:

Itinerant Angler

Memphis Monday - Chuck Berry

Game of inches.

Gangsta carping.

Memphis Monday - Little Elvis? Really?

Brief outing.

Memphis Monday - T-Bone and BB

It's just like the green drake hatch on Henry's Fork, except that you have to soak in a vat of penicillin afterwards.

Memphis Monday

Bidness casual.

Carp Cup one more time.

Memphis Monday - Little Walter

Quick Carp Cup update

This week's Ernest Hemingway update

Toilet Bowl update

Memphis Monday - Hope for the Best Edition

Slayer of Catfish - The Mean Old Dirty

Like a Ricky Ricardo Jacket.

Memphis Monday

Elite athletes, visual cues, and carp.

Memphis Monday - Non-Memphis Edition

Well sure, it's hate. But at least it's interesting hate.

Memphis Monday - Bob Dylan with the Memphis Blues. Again. In Mobile.

Number 4

Memphis Monday - BB

Just another 20.

Catch and release. Especially release.