Nine Weight Nelly

There was a time (like, a year ago) when I thought winter fishing for carp was an exercise in futility. And although it is often exactly that, I've found that it is doable. Sometimes in a big way-

The most recent dispatch from Miles in Michigan:

"9 wt. Nelly -

Well I think the first fish is the culprit that broke your 9 wt back in December. She's blind in the left eye but looked to be healing up nicely. The next fish was another biggun that may have cracked 20 lbs. All of the fish were in crystal clear water. Lots of runoff today so the water coming out of the poop chute looked like a bad case of Montezumas revenge. The carp couldn't even stand being near it. "


Not sure how I injured Nelly's eye on that trip in December. She was foul-hooked in the cheek and we figured the upper section of the broken rod slipped down the line and poked her in the eye. Felt kinda bad about that. Still do. Glad she's doing well.