Before and after.

Above is a photo of the "before" and the "after" of my latest fly tying binge. Unfortunately there is more "before" than "after", which is a potential problem since these flies need to go into the mail early next week if I'm to meet McTage's Draconian deadline for Epic Carp Fly Swap #2.

I'm not what you would call a prolific fly tier and don't have the stamina to tie a large number of flies in a single sitting. By "a large number" I mean any number greater than two.

I'm seriously thinking about keeping my boxes stocked by adding fly tying to my 10 year old's weekly chores.

Ok kid, here's your chore schedule for the week:

Mow the lawn.
Sweep the porch.
Take the garbage out.
Tie up two dozen MF'ers, sizes 10 and 12. And use Zap-a-Gap on those heads this time. If these come unravelled like the last batch you're grounded for a month.