Quick Carp Cup update

First, tip of the hat to the 3 Rivers Angler Fly Shop for putting on a great tournament. Well-organized and a lot of fun.

Our team stuck three fish, landing two. Max boated a 20.5 inch common and I got one just shy of 26 inches. I also had a fish break me off that was probably 25-30 inches. Curses!

Never saw any official results, but I'm guessing we finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. I spoke with several anglers who blanked, but I also heard the guys that won the team division caught over 10 fish.

Knowing the water and getting plenty of shots at fish was of course key, and as might be expected the local guys cleaned up. No substitute for local knowledge.

Anyway, more details to follow. Gotta go clean the truck out right now.