Brief outing.

A couple of notes from today:

-Catfish are still up on the flats, tailing and cruising in amongst the carp. I've seen the odd catfish on these flats over the years, but never in the numbers that I'm seeing right now. I'm finding the cats more difficult than carp, although I did manage one today. Very tough nuts to crack consistently.

-Grass carp can be dogs as far as fighting prowess. They sometimes just roll over and give up, allowing themselves to be dragged in like a waterlogged hunk of wood. That said, the ten seconds following the initial hook-up is usually memorable. Got a good take from a grassie today and he just went insane - in the air, under the boat, in the air again, back under the boat, mud and water flying everywhere. He came unbuttoned but I don't even care. Those ten seconds were a lot of fun.

-Been a few weeks since I've been out to the flats and as per usual I did not fish well. When I'm away from the water for awhile, seems like that first trip back is always a struggle to get dialed back in. Anyone else experience this?