Cincinnati - who knew?

Generally I've been indifferent to Cincinnati. It's place I have to drive through to get to Michigan. It's also home to the &%@*#ing University of Cincinnati Bearcats, a serious flaw that would be fatal if it weren't mostly offset by WKRP and Johnny Bench, who once signed a baseball for me.

What I'm trying to say is that the only time Cincy enters my mind is when it looms into view as I make the jump from Kentucky to Ohio on my way up I75 to the carp-infested waters of points north.

This, apparently, has been a mistake:

Hell of a Season from Craig Bailey on Vimeo.

Craig Bailey runs Kneedeep Expeditions in Cincinnati. Turns out Craig gave up a pretty good gig with the family business and chucked it all in to become a guide for, among other things, carp.

I think I could get along with a guy like that.

Craig is also in McTage's Carp Guide Directory over at Fly Carpin'.  May want to go ahead and book your trip now. If that video is any indication, my guess is that his calendar will fill up pretty quick.

See you in the spring, Craig.