Fly Tyer Magazine gets Mean, Old and Dirty

Many thanks to Pete Elkins for including the Mean Old Dirty Frisco in his article on effective carp flies in the recent issue of Fly Tyer magazine. Pete also included carp heavyweights like John Montana's Hybrid, Jean-Paul Lipton's Carp Crack, Lance Egan's Headstand, as well as a couple of his own patterns. The Mean Old Dirty is running in some pretty fast company there and I'm thrilled that Pete put it in the mix.

The article by the way is an excellent read, not only in terms of the carp flies featured but also with carp angling in general.  You could give this piece to someone who has never fly fished for carp and he/she could figure it out and have success just by following the direction and advice provided.

Hie yourself to the local fly shop and get a copy.