Michigan lately.

Memphis Monday - Been awhile.

Up on wheels in Louisiana.

No fish were harmed in the making of this video. Except possibly the one I dropped.

Reason #347 why I wish I had a decent camera.

For once shorter is better.

Mama Tried - Team Photo

I came. I saw. I carped.

Whew. All this time I just thought I sucked.

Eastern Fly Fishing - wherein I give up the goods.

Cats on the flats.

At the movies in Cincinnati

2014 Marina Cup. Not that I'm bitter.

Michigan. Briefly.

Good info right here.

Knee Deep in Carp in Cincinnati.

That experience thing revisited.

Not catching carp and other cool stuff.

Ricky Ricardo Redux.

Dispatches from Spain

Spawning and other nuisances.


S.C.O.F. #11

"I would recommend that everyone try to find their own oasis."

Droppers and proper use of swag.

Off the schneid.


Updates - MI, CO, GA

So good.

Carp on poppers(!)