Droppers and proper use of swag.

There were carp on Friday. Water covering the flats is stained and fish are tough to see even with high sun. Mostly just faint shadows.  The formula goes something like this:  If the shadow moves, it's a carp. If it doesn't move, it's a rock. Or it's a carp sitting on the bottom like a rock.

In any case, takes are tough to discern and the dropper set up comes into its own in these conditions. Dropped a money midge (black with a red bead) from an Adams Wulff with some success. 

As a bonus, a grassie rose to sniff the Adams. No take, but a good sniff is about all you can expect from a grass carp most days.


The dropper combo continues to be an extremely effective tool for me and I rarely take to the water without at least one rod set up accordingly.

On another note, I received my share of killer swag from the 2014 Fly Carpin' Swap. Didn't get a chance to use the flies yet, but I did make good use of the best koosie ever, courtesy of Mr. Josh Rinehart.