Spawning and other nuisances.

There's obviously no good reason to put spawning carp in a negative light. Propagation of the species and all that.

But it's a definite pain in the arse when I'm trying to catch one.

Capt. Craig Bailey of Knee Deep Expeditions fame was down from Cincinnati to follow-up on a few rumors that have been circulating as of late about Tennessee River and Chickamauga Lake carp.

That name might sound familiar to you.

Over the course of a couple of days, we saw literally hundreds of carp, 99.99% of which appeared to be in spawn mode and would not even look at a fly. Either that or we just suck and should probably take up golf.

In any case we cast to some (i.e. a lot) of them anyway even though we knew it was probably hopeless. I kept thinking of Hail Mary passes and half-court shots at the buzzer.

Craig did manage one very nice carp, although I suspect the fish was yawning after a hard afternoon of propagating and accidently sucked the fly in. Craig said he suspected the same thing.

The silver lining is that we explored acres and acres of extensive mud flats that could set the stage for an interesting summer here.