Knee Deep in Carp in Cincinnati.

Capt. Craig said to expect more than 50 shots a day.  And this was true. Actually I got way more than 50 shots at tailing carp each day. And no, I won't say how many of those I caught because then I would be embarrassed. Truth is these fish were tough. But a few did come to hand:

Craig owns Knee Deep Expeditions and offers guided trips for carp among other things. By any standard his carp water is excellent, but it's the variety of a typical day that puts it on another level.  In the morning you might be easing along a rocky bank looking for fish feeding tight to the shoreline, and then in the afternoon find yourself on a mud flat of uber-wary tailers.  Different scenarios, different challenges. Also, black drum are mixed in with the carp here. If the carp don't thoroughly clean your clock, then you can bet the drum will.

And be prepared for giants. I had several shots at very large carp.  One fish we saw laid up on a downed tree is without question the largest carp I have ever seen.  Every bit of 40 inches and then some. An absolute goliath.  Throughout my entire trip I never really knew what might be around the next corner and that was a big part of the fun.

Whether you're a fly angler looking to learn the carp game, or if you're a veteran carper looking for lots of shots at tough fish, I'm not sure you could do better than a trip with Craig.

Craig giving the thumbs up after a freak storm pummeled us with lightning and hail for a while.
The double rainbow was pretty cool though.