Eastern Fly Fishing - wherein I give up the goods.

Although I haven't fished it nearly as much this year, my carp angling teeth were cut on City Lake near Lafayette, GA. It's a good fishery and many of my posts here involve City in one way or another.  So I was pleased more than somewhat when Eastern Fly Fishing magazine included my brief write-up on it in the Around the East section of their latest issue.

Eastern Fly Fishing also happens to be the only fishing magazine that I continue to receive. I let all of my other subscriptions lapse long ago because these days I get most of my fishing info from blogs and on-line magazines. But EFF is exceptional and more importantly provides superb articles on places close to me. Places I might actually visit one day and fish.

When I travel, I thumb through back issues of EFF to see if there are any articles on streams or lakes near my destination. There often are and I've found more than a few angling gems this way.

In any case, I've given up the goods on City Lake in the latest issue. Access points. Location of the best flats. All of it. I guess I run the risk of increasing pressure by outing my home water like this, but I'm not too worried about it. I've fished a lot of different carp waters in the past three or four years and City remains one of the most difficult. These carp will flat out kick your ass. So I figure only the most masochistic souls will chase City carp with anything like persistence.

You can get a copy at your nearest bookstore if you're so inclined. Or order a print copy or digital copy for a few bucks.