Aaaaaaaand we're back.

Came dang close to shutting this thing down for good. And I may shut it down yet. Dunno. Guess it depends on my mood. But for now I'll push on a bit. The truth is that I've met a lot of really stellar people through this blog. Comments and emails led to fishing trips and eventually to friendships in many cases.  That alone is reason enough to plod along a little further, I think.

Some changes:

*Colors and layout. Obviously.  Got tired of the black and yellow. I'll probably keep tinkering with this.

*Comments are disabled.  Nothing personal. As much as I enjoy comments from the two or three people who read this, it's really just one more thing to keep up with. I may enable them again at some point, but until then I hope folks just read and maybe enjoy some of the drivel. That said, by all means feel free to shoot me an email at if something you find on here piques your interest or even if it makes you mad and you just want to cuss me a little.

*Content will likely include a lot of non-carp stuff.  I realized that a lot of the blogs I follow have all kinds of eclectic, random crap throughout and that's exactly what makes them fun to follow and read.

Not that anyone give's a rat's ass about any of the above, but I feel the odd need to explain myself.

Carry on.