Still here.

Seems like I never come here any more.  I mean to rectify that but then six weeks goes by and there I am again.

In any case, it has been a busy spring. There was a trip to Montana. A carp spawn which I mostly missed. Any number of 9U baseball tournaments (Aiden is turning into a hell of a pitcher).  Some writing. Some reading. Speaking of which, do yourself a favor and go read this piece by David Zoby.

Losing the Land

This is one of those articles that I'll print off and carry with me for awhile, reading bits here and there, trying to absorb it.  Staggeringly good.  Seriously. Check it out.

Meanwhile, I hope to post some photos of Montana at some point. It really is another world out there. Cold as a mother though, even in May. The annual carp excursion to MI is coming up in two weeks. So there's that.  So far I have two flies tied up for that trip. Two.